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Perfect for making a relaxing cup of tea that will make the stresses of life just melt away! Here are some of its benefits, HELPS WITH STRESS & DEPRESSION, NATURAL PAINKILLER, NATURAL APHRODISIAC, HELPS WITH MENSTRUATION, ANTIDIABETIC, GREAT FOR GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES,& has many more uses. The Egyptians treasured this natural plant and you can find out why.

Blue and Pink Lotus Flower Powder

Lotus flower is one of the most beautiful tropical water perennial plants. Lotus plants grow in ponds in Asia anchored in the mud, rising to the top bringing forth brilliant white, pink, and blue flowers. The powerful lotus plant has been used in Asian traditional medicine and cuisine for centuries.

Lotus flower is known to be in different colors, white, blue, and pink. Lotus is believed to may have originated from the Nile and other parts of East Africa, but it has been able to get into history books of different cultures, including Thai, Mayan, Syrian, and especially Egyptians.

Lotus flowers have histories dated back to the fourteenth century B.C. when it has been used for religious, healing, social, and ritual purposes. It has a powerful and intoxicating scent and inebriating effect. It also has a fashionable part of its history as women in the street would wear beautiful blue lotus flowers in her hair or headdress as a fashion touch of their dress.

Today, science has helped in the proper identification of the higher values and potentials of the lotus flowers. These robust lotus plants contain Nucifera (a natural anti-spasmodic) along with aporphine, which will give you a calming euphoric feeling.

With the aid of science and technology, the lotus flowers are being made into end products such as powder. These products are taking essential grounds in health, cosmetics, and their respective industries.

Blue and Pink lotus powders are majorly used in many cosmetics due to cooling, hydrating, and skin- lightening properties. The oxidants in Lotus powder shield the skin from sun damage and make the skin glow. It further offers deep cleansing action tones the skin and leaves the complexion looking more refreshed, softer, and firmer.

Apart from the cosmetic application of the blue and pink lotus powder, there many other benefits of this beautiful powder:

Health Benefits Of Blue & Pink Lotus Powder

Lower Cholesterol – Making a tea of lotus powder is great for lowering cholesterol. It blocks the absorption of fats and thus helps lower cholesterol and trigs.

Diabetes – It lowers blood sugar levels, thus helping those who have diabetes.

Fatty Liver – Tea made from the powder also helps heal fatty liver disease.

GI Tract – Lotus flower decoction helps with diarrhea, gas, and cramps… and soothes away inflammation.

Acid Reflux – Lotus flower powder helps with acid reflux, lowering stomach acid, and soothes away gastric ulcers.

Lower Blood Pressure – Lotus powder intake is also an excellent vasodilator helping to lower blood pressure.

Fertility – Men who suffer from premature ejaculation find that lotus powder helps with their condition. And women who have heavy blood flow during their menstruation find that lotus tea reduces blood flow.

Heat – In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a lotus leaf tea is used for summer heat syndrome to get rid of heat rash and fresh internal organs.

Vitamin C – Lotus flowers contain Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant helping to keep away cardiovascular disease, strokes, and even cancer.

B – Vitamins – Lotus flowers also contain B – Vitamins, which are essential for fertility, vitality, and mood.

Iron – Lotus flowers contain iron, which is essential for anemia.

Phosphorus – Also, lotus flowers contain phosphorus, which is essential for healthy bones.

Heart Health – Because lotus is full of antioxidants, they can increase blood flow to the heart and lower blood pressure.

Anti-inflammatory – Blue and pink lotus powder are great anti-inflammatories helping with redness, swelling, and pain associated with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Weight Loss – Pink and Blue lotus powder helps to prevent carbs and fats from being absorbed, and boosts your metabolism; thus, you to lose weight. And lotus leaf contains L-Carotene, which boosts metabolism.

Linoleic Acid – And lotus flowers contain linoleic acid, which is essential for preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, weight loss, and boosting your immune system.

Antioxidants – Lotus flowers contain potent antioxidants such as nuciferine, lotusine, neferin, and dimethyl coclaurine, which help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer.

With the above named benefits of both blue and pink lotus powder. We recomend having it handy always.


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